I left Jackson later than expected, not even free concerts in Ft. Collin’s could keep me on track or stop me from wanting to ride Teton pass one more time. On the road I knew what was waiting for me. Old friends, good beers and a weekend of music free of charge.


Made it – Colorado


Old friends, now new friends – Ft. Collins, CO


Community Music – Ft. Collins, CO


Team Hollinger FTW – Ft. Collins, CO


Saturday is game day – Ft. Collins, CO


Stoked on these guys – Ft. Boyles, CO


Trout slayer in training – Ft. Boyles – CO


I’m new – Ft. Boyles, CO


A few great days in Ft. Collins and I was eager to head deeper in to Colorado to meet up with a longtime friend from college. Having never been to summit county in the summer I was looking forward to seeing everything that I miss in the winter.


Loveland Pass, CO


The man himself – Silverthorne, CO


FORE – Silverthorne, CO


Backwoods – CO











Really real – Montezuma, CO


Never a dull moment with Jake – Montezuma, CO


KOOK is life – Steamboat, CO


Steamboat, CO


Two days in summit county, then an afternoon at the Steamboat bike bark and Colorado was a wrap. Fun mix of everything but too much left unexplored that I will have to be back. As soon as I can.